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~Once a Bruin, Forever a Bruin~

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Got my jersey, my new phone, and my Navy hat today. It’s been a great day!

Should I wear my Navy hat for when I go see the recruiter? Or would that be too much or something?

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How well do you know the hockey blogger?


Answer these questions in my ask box and see how many points you get out of fifteen!

Favourite Team:

Favourite Forward:

Favourite Defenceman:

Favourite Goalie:

Least Favourite Team:

Least Favourite Player:

Favourite GM:

Guilty Pleasure Player:

How Long Have I Been a Fan:

Have I Ever Been to a Game:

Favourite Hockey Movie:

Have I Met Any Players (if so who):

Favourite National Team (Olympics):

Is My URL Hockey Related (if so what does it mean/stand for):

Favourite Coach:

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whitegirlfromhell asked: Omg you play field hockey!! I think I love even more now!!!!

Haha thank you! Do you play? :)

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Hello, dear! So! I read your writing and it’s pretty good! If i do decide to add another admin here, you’re up first! 

So eyah, basically you’re perfect, your blog is perfect, and I love that you follow me on Twitter and don’t leave me like everyone else.


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Oh, hey bae! So, you’ve also been there with me for a while. So gracias, kudos, all that fun stuffs! We are becoming good friends and I love you and you’re fantastic and SCOTT SHOULD BE ON THE BRUINS FOR BERGERON AND LUCIC WHAT THE FRICK DID SAN JOSE WANT WITH HIM. WE NEED HIM GAHHHHH

I love you!!! :3